Western Mass Relics
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WELCOME to Registration for the 2024 Season! 

NOTE:  Our Rosters in the SILVER DIVISION are full.  If you are a SILVER DIVISION Player and want to get on the Waitlist, do STEP 1 below only.  When/if a spot opens up we will contact you about making the payment.


Registration is a 2 Step Process - PLEASE do Step 1  1st, then Step 2:

STEP 1 - Click or Tap here to open the Registration Form - fill it out and Submit it.

STEP 2 - Make your Payment: GOLD DIVISION = $50   

How to make your Payment:

   METHOD 1 - The preferred method is to pay securely by credit card using one of these two links:

GOLD Players make your $50 payment by clicking here---> https://square.link/u/D769JX38

NOTE: When you click the "Pay" button it can take several seconds for the process completes.  Please be patient and please DON'T click the "Pay" button a 2nd time.

   METHOD 2 - Check

Make a check out to "Western Mass Relics" and mail to:

Western Mass Relics
c/o Ted Chmura
150 Higher Brook Drive
Ludlow, MA 01056


The 1st 105 Gold Players, and the 1st 112 Silver Players to BOTH Submit a Registration Form and make their Payment will be guaranteed Roster Spots.  Subsequent Players to do so will be added to a waiting list.

You are considered Fully Registered when both of the following are true:

1. We have received your Registration Form
2. We have received your Payment

‚Äč...and the Date on which this happens is your Registration Date.  That Date is used to determine who the 105 / 112 are, and is a factor in the ordering of the Waitlist.

=== Q&A ===

Q: Why is the SILVER Division Fee higher than the GOLD Division Fee?

A: We are once again using "paid, sanctioned umpires" in the SILVER Division this year - about twice per week and at BRT games.  $35 of the $85 SILVER Division Fee will be used to fund this program.

Q: Will any of the GOLD Division Fee be used to pay the "paid, sanctioned umps" in the SILVER Division?

A: Nope - not one penny.

Q: I’ve been playing for years.  Does this mean I’m guaranteed a spot this year?

A: No.  NO DISRESPECT to our long time, loyal Players intended - but it would be inherently unfair - and an administrative nightmare - to “hold” a spot for a Player who might or might not register at some future point, and keep others who are ready to fully register from “getting in”.  The policy in place is fair to all and does not favor or discriminate.   

Q. If I have any questions or need help, is there someone I can contact?

A. Of course.  Contact Ted Chmura, the Registrar by email at ted@WesternMassRelics.org or by voice call or text at 413.589.1965.


Thank you !

Ted Chmura - Registrar/Treasurer